About us

Gharany Excellence Construction

History In The Construction

Gharany Excellence Construction “GEC” is born on 2000, in Middle East and Central ASIA (UAE, Gulf, Afghanistan, Kazakhstan, Turkminestan, Zubekistan, Tajikistan, Pakistan) and has grown to become one of the Middle East’s and Central Asia leading construction and Electrical MV contractors

We specialize in complex and prestigious construction and infrastructure projects.  Our portfolio includes some of the region’s most iconic landmarks, from super high-rise luxury developments, to  five star hotels, hospitals and intricately sophisticated smart buildings and Medium voltage power plants.

Our established contacts in the region, a highly skilled and dedicated team, our innovative methods and an exacting standard for completion have earned us a competitive edge well recognized in the industry.

To keep pace with today’s fast-growing, innovative business climate, we strive to remain on the cutting edge of electrical installations by using the latest technology.